Childrens Work


The BIG vision for Children in the community is for them to know that they are loved by God, they have a safe place to play and a mentor who will care for them. We hope that through our weekly activities, children will know their rights and are ready to cope with the real world! 

We dream and pray that all children are able to complete their Primary School Education, are mentored, encouraged and taught how to be excellent young leaders in the community.


What We Do

We run a sponsorship program which is linked to the women’s meetings. The hope it that we can support in the short term with sponsorship through Primary School whilst also supporting the women to set up successful businesses, which would ensure they could pay for secondary school fees. 



As part of the weekly activities in the community we do the following:

-       Home visits and mentoring

-       Bible Stories

-       Singing and dancing

-       Games

-       Craft Activities

-       Junior Leader training