Disability Project

In Uganda it is estimated that 7.2% of the population are living with a disability and of those 30% are children. Many people living with disabilities face stigma and discrimination. This is even more amplified with children where they are often thought of being the result of witchcraft and some parents, especially fathers, leave the children due to the shame being bought on the family. Alongside this, 80% of disabled people were identified as living in chronic poverty. There is a real need for education, healthcare, physiotherapy and medication in order to better enable these children to stay at home and become a valued part of the community.


The project began when Harriet Lunnemann contacted Chloe Mutton to see if Joy for Children did any work with Children with disabilities in Uganda. As it turned out, they didn't. They did however commission a community survey to see if it was something that would be wanted in the community. The community said that there was a real need and so the search began for a project worker to oversee the project.


How it works

Annah is the project worker for the Children with disabilities project. The main part of her job involves visiting parents and families fortnightly to assist them with training to better care for their children in difficult circumstances. Alongside this, she helps them access health services and assistive devices as well as physiotherapy in their homes. She has developed an excellent relationship with parents and this has enabled her to pray with them regularly and see real progress in the care and development of many of the families that she works with. The project is mainly funded through regular private donations but also receives some funding through grants and one off donations from churches and other groups.


Future Plans

The next stage for the project  is to look at how we can get families access to medication and education to significantly improve their quality of life. We are also looking to get children access to regular healthcare and physiotherapy.

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