Children with Disabilities 

We want Children with Disabilities to have an improved quality of life, carers to be better equipped to care for their children. We believe in increased awareness of how to support and advocate for children with disabilities within the slums and further afield. 


In Uganda it is estimated that 7.2% of the population are living with a disability and of those 30% are children. Many people living with disabilities face stigma and discrimination. This is even more amplified with children where they are often thought of being the result of witchcraft and some parents, especially fathers, leave the children due to the shame being bought on the family. Alongside this, 80% of disabled people were identified as living in chronic poverty. 


There is a real need for education, healthcare, physiotherapy and medication in order to better enable these children to stay at home and become a valued part of the community.Therefore, we focus on home visits and spending time with children and their carers in the community and advocating for them. As part of the project we do the following:

-       Mentoring

-       Physiotherapy

-       Community Outreach days whereby we bring medical services to the community

-       Neighbourhood meetings to increase awareness

-       Loans for carers to start their own businesses