Health Insurance


Whilst the women's meetings keep running and the women's small businesses start to develop, Joy for Children and Communities also runs a Health Insurance Programme. This programme is funded by profits made from selling the jewellery in the Uk and also through fundraising. Each member of the women's meetings and one of their children (without any previous medical conditions) can become a registered member of the Health Insurance Programme. Every month Joy for Children and Communities pays Kitante Medical Centre, a local medical centre to the slums, the equivalent of around £85 which then allows any member with any minor health requirements such as malaria or a broken bone to visit the centre free of charge. This free health care can continue for the month until the money is used up and then begins again at the start of the next month. Joy for Children and Communities hopes to one day be able to raise enough funding to support women who have existing and more major health conditions.

UK Registered Charity 1107290

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Joy for Children and Communities