/How it all Started 

Joy for Children and Communities is a Christian UK registered charity* that works in Uganda. We focus on 

development projects that empower and provide for some of the most disadvantaged people in the poorest

areas of Kampala.


As a community-led charity we run weekly women's meetings, football training and child sponsorship in four of the slums. These provide the community with the necessary skills and knowledge to live a better quality of life by using a “bottom-up” approach. 


Our aim is to empower the local people to develop their community. 

*(charity number 1107290)


In 2010 Sam Mutton and Chloe Maclay (now married) left the UK to embark on a year in Uganda. They travelled to the country with another organisation with the intention to work within the slums of Kampala, little did they know that a year later they would be fully involved in developing Joy for Children and Communities. Unfortunately 4 months into their time in Uganda, the charity they were working for were unable to provide the work they had promised.


Whilst things began to change and Sam and Chloe began to look into other work they could do within Uganda, Moses Ntenga was running Joy For Children. Joy for Children Uganda primarily works in the west of Uganda and campaigns against violence to children. By the time all of the above had taken place, Sam and Chloe had developed an understanding for what they wanted to develop within the slums of Kampala. Chloe had recognised the need for work to be done with women and children whilst Sam wanted to develop a way to keep young boys off the streets through sport. After meetings and prayers, Moses offered to support Sam and Chloe and suggested they start a project in Makere Kivulu Slum.


In December 2010, with 7 months left in the country, Chloe and Moses began approaching women in the slums about ways in which Chloe could help. 15 women arrived for the first meeting and it was from this that the need for children's activities, child sponsorship, learning English and a market to sell jewellery the women could make from recycled paper came to light. The women's meetings started happening weekly and whilst these were taking place, children's activities started being run. Sam had started to train over 100 boys weekly in Makerere Kivulu slum in Football and running free tournaments.


Things began moving quickly and by the time January 2011 had arrived, Chloe's parents had managed to successfully sell the jewellery in the Uk. One hundred precent of the profits made from the jewellery sales went straight back into running the projects that Sam and Chloe were developing in Uganda. The football league was well under way by this point and Sam had approximately 150 boys turning up for weekly matches. Over the next year, Chloe's women's meeting also increased to 150 members and a Health Insurance programme and Savings Scheme had been introduced. Chloe's parents continued to sell the jewellery which ensured the projects could be funded.


By March 2012, Chloe and Sam were back in the Uk studying at University but continued to sell jewellery to fund the projects still taking place in Uganda. The women's groups had expanded which meant women's meetings were taking place in four slums instead of just one and the children's activities were running alongside each one too. At this point £5,100 had been raised to build a toilet block in Kawempe slum which meant that people living in the slums were able to have better hygiene facilities. As the projects began to grow and more people in the Uk began to hear of the work being done, in February 2013 the projects were able to be registered as a charity. It was at this point that Joy for Children and Community became an official charity which meant that more funding could be created. Since this point, through the hard work of Chloe and Sam and a small group of people within the Uk, Joy for Children has managed to sustain the work that they do to empower the women, young men and children in the slums of Kampala.


The Uk team that keeps Joy For Children and Communities running produces a quarterly newsletter that keeps people around the world updated on the work being done within the slums. This includes all of the highlights and progress that the team in Uganda are making. To read our newsletters, please click on the 'Newsletter' tab at the top of the page. If you would like to join our mailing list, please contact the Joy for Children and Communities team and they can add you to our every growing list.


Joy for Children and Communities relies heavily on fundraising and selling of the jewellery, if this is something you would like to be involved with please don't hesitate to contact Chloe Mutton through our contact page.

UK Registered Charity 1107290

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Joy for Children and Communities