We dream and pray that all children are able to complete their Primary School Education, are mentored, encouraged and taught how to be excellent young leaders in the community. We run a sponsorship program which is linked to the women’s meetings. The hope it that we can support in the short term with sponsorship through Primary School whilst also supporting the women to set up successful businesses, which would ensure they could pay for secondary school fees. 


Sponsorship costs just £16 a month and is a commitment for the duration of Primary School. If you would like to continue supporting through Secondary and University there is that option. However, our priority is Primary Education for all Children. 


£16 a month ensures Children are able to attend school, have their uniform, bag, shoes and books paid for. The conditions of sponsorship is that the parent or grandparent of the child attends the weekly women’s meetings run by JFCC and that the child attends weekly Children’s activities. We believe in holistic care and want to support the children to be the best they can be! 


To find out more information on how to sponsor a child please do get in touch. 

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